Recyval, la gestion des déchets organiques

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Recyval, Management of Organic Waste

Who are us ?

Focusing on the management of organic waste, RECYVAL is an independent consulting and engineering office created in 1987 in order to RECYcle et VALorize your organic waste.

Our engineers and technicians bring you a wide range of services :

  • Technical studies :

            Cartographic ground studies, waste disposal master plans, effluent spreading plans...

  • Drying/composting engineering :

            Pre-plant construction studies, site monitoring, starting-up,...

  • 0peration :

            waste disposal and transport, controlled manuring operation, running drying /composting units, monitoring their operation,...

  • Marketing of recycled products in farming, gardening, landscaping.


RECYVAL's team accompanies you all through, starting from the specifications of the project to the design of optimal solutions and the marketing of the recycled products.

RECYVAL is a team of :

  • engineers and technicians in environment, agronomy, soil science, automatism, designing
  • sales people specialised in environmental concerns.

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