Recyval, la gestion des déchets organiques

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In progress realizations

Etude valorisation des vinasses de Distillerie (Martinique)

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Maître d'Ouvrage : Distillerie de LA MAUNY


Etude de faisabilité pour la reconversion du centre de compostage de Cyrène

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Maître d'Ouvrage : SIVATRU (78)


Composting factory of SILA in Annecy (74)

Project management for a composting factory of green waste.

Capacité: 25 000 tons/year.
The approved process is composting through ventilated boxes.

Composting factory of CCMV in Villard de Lans (38)

Facility for the composting of mud from water processing, and of green waste in moutain area.

Capacity : 5 000 tons/year.


Green waste composting factory of SMICTOM, Carasconnais (11)

 Capacity:11000 tons/year


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